Helping Out with the Troop

Please come back to this link often as new positions open up all the time.

Event Coordinators Needed:

Every event we do requires an event coordinator.   Being an event coordinator is not difficult, and you will have plenty of assistance.  Without event coordinators, events get cancelled.  Here is a link on what an event coordinator does.  Coordinating an Event

  • May/June: Swim Test  (All Scouts and ASMs are required to take an annual swim test)
    • Mike Hadjimichael
  • July: Rafting/Tubing Trip (may or may not be overnight)
    • Matt Reardon
  • August: Sandy Spring Ropes Course Campout
    • Gary Kuwashima
  • September: Camporee Campout
    • Desi Crouther
  • October: Cave Spelunking Campout
    • John Colwell
  • November: Range Campout
    • John Becker
  • December: Wreath Laying
    • Coordinator Needed
  • January 2019: Ski Trip
    • Coordinator Needed
  • Anytime:  Trip to Capital or White House
    • Coordinator Needed


Vacant Committee/Volunteer Positions:

  • Roadside Cleanup Coordinator
    • Position Open
  • Membership Coordinator 
    • Michelle Doucette
  • Equipment Manager
    • Rob LLoyd
    • (need additional adult assistants to inventory shed)

Assistant Scout Masters 

  • Being an ASM directly improves the troop’s ability to provide quality and safe guidance to scouts.
    • First-Year ASM
      • This ASM’s focus is the first year or low rank scouts.  Their objective is to track progress and work with the Scoutmaster to fit rank requirements into event planning.
    • At least 3 ASMs at every meeting. 
      • This ensures 2 ASMs to assist the Scoutmaster (SM) in keeping the meeting running smoothly, and 1 ASM to focus on signing off on requirements.  If you see less than 4 SM/ASMs at a meeting, we are stretched too thin.
    • At least 4 ASMs at every campout/event.
      •  If we have less than a 1 to 5 ASM/SM to Scout ratio on an event sign-up, we are spread too thin!  .