Virtual sub-freezing overnight

March 6, 2021 @ 2:00 pm โ€“ March 7, 2021 @ 9:30 am
CoF UMC / Scouts Home

Remarks: Looks good for March 6th-7th!
Description: Winter Virtual Camp Out and Troop Meeting

Start at COF Saturday then head home to camp in your backyard

Total virtual option available

What is it?
Scouts camping in their back yards, NOT with the Troop. Counts towards Camping nights in merit badges and rank advancements IF they cook their own HOT meal on Sat. evening.

Whatever weekend Mom Nature cooperates: first weekend above 45deg daytime and LESS precipitation (some precip OK). Earliest now is 2/27. See agenda below.

Your backyard. Scouts may NOT bunk together in the same tent unless they are family. Parents may NOT bunk in the same tent as Scouts (ScoutsBSA rule). Scouts MAY have multiple tents with buddies in the same back yard if all parents allow. Scouts MAY bunk with siblings <2 years apart in age (ScoutsBSA rule).

How to tent?
Tenting can be with your family tent, or Scouts can reserve (Troopmaster) a Troop Tent and pick up at Troop meeting. All tent return rules in effect (must be returned DRY, neatly packed before stuffing in tent bag, and checked in/out with TQM โ€“ Troop Quartermaster – the following Troop meeting).

There are 2 tent decoration competitions below!

How to cook?
Scout MUST cook outside, on their own. CAN use your backyard grill (if parents permit), a fire pit (if parents permit and Fireman chit rules like any campout), charcoal, small camping stove. The Troop has SOME camping stoves first come basis but not enough for all Scouts. Scouts need to plan, procure, prep, and cook the meal. Strongly suggest they pre-/partially cook menu so Sat. is a simple reheat. Remember, must be โ€œbalanced mealโ€ so just a hot dog does not cut it ๐Ÿ˜‰ No microwaving ๐Ÿ˜‰

If Scouts get too cold, or too hungry, or whatever we want them to simply go inside for the night. The intent is easing Scouts into camping and a positive experience with some challenges within. Questions? Contact Mr. Salas @

There are 3 aspects to the VC:
1) Regular weekend Troop meeting ON SATURDAY (instead of Sun) to kick off
2) Backyard activities (setting up tents, cooking)
3) Indoor (or outdoor) online activities (Saturday Evening/Sunday Morning) using the same Troop meeting link we ALWAYS use:

2-3:30pm Meet @ CoF
-Patrol Competitions
–Note, there will be NO patrol balancing!
-TQM work with PQMs to check out tents/stoves
4-7pm Backyard
-Tent setup
-Dinner (each scout will prepare their own meal)
–Scouts MUST cook outdoors to get Camping credit
7-8:30 Online – Virtual Campout
-Online Tent โ€œGlampingโ€ tours/competition
–Most Tent SWAG
–Best Scout Motif
-Online Virtual Campfire
–Den Skit competition

7-8am Camp teardown/breakfast Backyard
8am Online Virtual Roses and Thorns

If you have a question/suggestion/something I missed, send an email to Mr. Salas @

Virtual Campout Link (same as all online Troop meeting):

Do you really want to know about cold weather camping?

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