How Am I Doing?

Everyone gets something different out of Boy Scouts. Some are focused on making Eagle, some are in it just for the fun. Most are somewhere in between. But most Scouts (and parents) have a hard time judging where they are on the path to achieving key Boy Scout goals.  So I have put together a basic guide for the three main elements of Boy Scouts that have a pace associated to them. This should help scouts determine if they are on target to reach their individual goals. Please click on each link below to learn more.

In addition, all scouts and parents should frequently log onto Troopmaster to check a scouts progress. Troopmaster is our primary database for tracking scout progress.  It has every detail on where a scout is in completing ranks and merit badges, as well as what events they have participated in. Every scout knows to present their scout books to Mr. Tucker every week when they complete requirements so that it gets in Troopmaster. If it’s not in Troopmaster, we don’t know about it!  If you don’t have a troopmaster account, you can request one.

Gregg Dorn, Scoutmaster