Boy Scout Ranks

As scoutmaster, it is my experience that once a scout gets to high school, it gets harder and harder to make time for scouting. I believe that if a scout wants to make Eagle, they should shoot to make it by age 16. I have seen it done by 14, which is amazing. I have seen scouts wait till the day before their 18th birthday, which is nerve racking!   The chart below shows different paces to make Eagle.  I encourage scouts to look this over, and see how they are doing.   I also encourage parents to discuss with scouts their progress, and help them keep on track.


Rank Target Age Common Age Great!
Scout 11 11 11
Tenderfoot 11 12 11
Second Class 12 13 12
First Class 13 14 12
Star 14 15 13
LIfe 15 16 14
Eagle 16 17 15