Space Exploration Merit Badge – 2018 Camporee

Thanks to all the scouts who attended my class at Camporee.   You were all respectful and had great questions.   I hope you had fun launching the rockets!


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My Name:  Gregg Dorn

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Links Related to the Class

Class Room Slides: Presentation Slides (Powerpoint)

Link to Kerbal Space Progam ($39, which I think is completely worth it): Kerbal Space Program

Link to Orbiter Space Flight Simulator (FREE, but advanced):


For everyone that completed requirement 8 at home, and researched at least two careers, your contribution to our class discussion helped everyone in the class achieve requirement 8. 

I saw and read every collector’s card presented to me.  It was great to see that we had so many different role models.  If I missed yours, or you forgot to creat one, please send me a picture of your completed card!  When filling out your blue card I will assume I saw your collector’s card unless you let me know I did not see yours yet.   As a scout is trustworthy, I know you will be honest about whether you did it or not.

So, by attending the class, EVERYONE has completed requirments 1, 3, 4, 6 and 8.

Many, if not all of you, completed requirement 2.   For those of you who left me yours at the camporee, I will return it with your blue card.

Requirements to be completed at home:

5) Do TWO of the following:

a. Discuss with your counselor a robotic space exploration mission and a historic crewed mission. Tell about each mission’s major discoveries, its importance, and what was learned from it about the planets, moons, or regions of space explored.

b. Using magazine photographs, news clippings, and electronic articles (such as from the Internet), make a scrapbook about a current planetary mission.

c. Design a robotic mission to another planet or moon that will return samples of its surface to Earth. Name the planet or moon your spacecraft will visit. Show how your design will cope with the conditions of the planet’s or moon’s environment.

7) Design an inhabited base located within our solar system, such as Titan, asteroids, or other locations that humans might want to explore in person. Make drawings or a model of your base. In your design, consider and plan for the following:

a. Source of energy

b. How it will be constructed

c. Life-support system

d. Purpose and function

2) (If you have not done it already)  Design a collector’s card, with a picture on the front and information on the back, about your favorite space pioneer. Share your card and discuss four other space pioneers with your counselor.

You may work on these requirements using any media you would like.   If you work on these in requirements using elecronic media (i.e. pictures, slide shows, documents), just email me a copy.   If you do it paper/pencil, paint, models, or any other media, take pictures of it and email me.

As you know, there is no time-table to complete merit badges.   So don’t rush, but also don’t wait too long!  Take what you learned in class as a starting point to research these requirements.

Any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

Yours In Scouting,

Gregg Dorn

Space Exploration Merit Badge Counselor

Scoutmaster, Troop 158