Oct 09

How to Become a Merit Badge Cousnelor

In order to be a Merit Badge Counselor there are a few things required:
– 18 or older – Able to work with Scout age boys – Registered with BSA: Link to the Adult application ( www.scouting.org/resources/info-center/forms/) – Take the Youth Protection Training ( www.scouting.org/training/youth-protection/) – Complete a Merit Badge Counselor Form ( www.scouting.org/resources/info-center/forms/)
Background checks are run on all volunteers.
Once you have completed the above requirements please give your completed paperwork to Charlene Meny or Tony Crowley.

Jul 01

Your Scout is back from camp now what?

Has your Scout recently returned from camping and now has time on his hands? The summer is a great time to work on some Merit Badges. Parktakes and other local places offer a variety of badges at a reasonable cost.
To help guide your Scout with earning a Merit Badge: 1) Decide with your Scout what badge(s) he would like to work on. If he would like to go through a badge on his own, please get with me on who the Merit Badge Counselor is for the badge.
2) Get a blue card from Mr. Ed at Wednesday night’s meeting.
3) Fill in the blue card.
4) Have Scout Master Gregg Dorn sign the blue card.
5) Keep the blue card in your Scout binder.
6) Work on the Merit Badge or attend the Merit Badge class.
7) Once a badge is completed the blue card is to be given to Mr. Ed.
8) Congrats on finishing a Merit Badge.
For more information check out the Troop’s website: troop158va.org/wp/?page_id=30 – Charlene Meny

Jun 18


What makes any good organization Great? It is the help of you – a Volunteer (a person who freely offers to be a part of an organization). As a volunteer you are not investing time into our Boy Scout Troop but you are also spending time with your son. A volunteer can be a dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, uncle or aunt. We have various positions available such as:
– Roadside clean up (once a quarter) – co-equipment manager – Merit Badge Counselors – and many more that do not require much time to organize
Some of the positions only require an hour or 2 a month; we are working on descriptions for each job, and the best part you are NOT doing it alone but joining a team.
While the boys are away next week, please think about how you can help the Troop to be a Great Troop for your son to continue attending.
– Charlene Meny