What makes any good organization Great? It is the help of you – a Volunteer (a person who freely offers to be a part of an organization). As a volunteer you are not investing time into our Boy Scout Troop but you are also spending time with your son. A volunteer can be a dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, uncle or aunt. We have various positions available such as:
– Roadside clean up (once a quarter) – co-equipment manager – Merit Badge Counselors – and many more that do not require much time to organize
Some of the positions only require an hour or 2 a month; we are working on descriptions for each job, and the best part you are NOT doing it alone but joining a team.
While the boys are away next week, please think about how you can help the Troop to be a Great Troop for your son to continue attending.
– Charlene Meny

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